Saturday, 20 September 2014

Round up

So, it's been a fair while since I last gave my poor blog any attention.

The last time I updated it was coming to the end of the Spring races and I was gearing up for our two week stint in China back in May. Seems a long time ago looking back now!

Not going to drag this one out and go into detail but just thought I'd best update just to keep you folks from home and those who are interested in the loop on what's been going down.

Since May I've had plenty of ups and downs as per usual throughout a cycling season! Highlights have been our China trip where the team managed to have multiple wins with Giorgia Bronzini and Charlotte Becker plus we finally got our lead out dialled which was cool. All up a solid trip. Other race highlights were the Giro Rosa which is the biggest women's Tour on the calendar and then participating in the first ever women's Le Course held prior to the final stage of the Tour de France along the Champs Elysees. Pretty neat experience!

Then, of course rocking the fern in Glasgow for my first Commonwealth Games. Don't think I've ever felt so proud to be a kiwi, was a cool feeling. Even better, I had my parents, sister and fam friends there to cheer me on. The Com Games were definitely my target event for the season so I was a little disappointed in the result with the team missing out on the medals. I missed the winning move holding an elite group of 7 girls so was unable to contest the finish or support Linda Villumsen in the very late stages. Not what we'd hoped for but in the end gave my best and all up was a pretty special experience! Thankfully Linda was able to take the Gold in the Individual time trial. She has been hunting it down a while so I was thrilled for her to take it away. Also plenty of other kiwi success on the bikes and off. A great team to be part of!

Cheers Bara girls!

Since the Games, I've raced the Ride London GP where we had a great team performance to deliver Giorgia to the line for the win just outsprinting Marianne Vos herself, so a good day there! Following this I had some down time to recover from a bit of sickness and prepare for the next block. My last event was the Tour of Ardeche in France. This race is brutal especially if you are not at your best. It's just up down all day long and very tough on the bod! The first days were a big struggle for me after bouncing back from illness. A real mental game it was but managed to get through and battle it out with respect to Linda who was in pink (leading) since day 2's TT! Come day 4 I came good and managed to get stuck in and help to keep the jersey to the finish plus set Gio up for a good finish and win. Was good fun! After a solid week there my love for going down hill has definitely grown. Some sweet climbs and scenery around the Ardeche area that's for sure. Would be an ideal spot for a training camp! So nice catching up with the girls too after a period of time away.

Next up for me is the World Champs next weekend in Ponferrada, Spain! Very pleased to be back representing NZ and have been feeling pretty solid post Ardeche into a decent training block so hope to have a good one out there. We have a strong wee squad of Linda Villumsen, Jo Kiesanowski and Reta Trotman. I look forward to joining them there early next week to scope out the course and get set.

First up Linda will compete in the Individual TT on Tuesday so fingers crossed for her there!

Here's a link to catch us live...things kick off tomorrow with the Team Time Trial. My team, Wiggle Honda won't be competing but there's a few kiwis in there including Jo Kiesanwoski, Greg Henderson, Jesse Sergent and Jack Bauer. With plenty of Orica Greenedge lads based here in Girona might be giving them a cheer too...not often I go for Aus, in fact never! ;)


All up it's been a nice season. I haven't raced as much as last season so have missed a few cool events but I've continued to develop and learn from the more experienced riders on the team primarily playing a domestique role. It's been nice learning more about the tactical side of the sport, getting into lead outs and protecting the odd jersey along the way. Races like China and Ride London were favourites as we had the opportunity to attack and make things tough. This is what makes me love racing a bike so hopefully will continue to improve in this depo!

My base this year has also been a big highlight for me. Living in Girona it's hard to complain about anything. Such a beautiful wee place, good weather, training roads and I've come away with some great mates!

'Good people, Good places, Good times' (Quote of the year)...CP crew 

For now, I have a few more days training in Girona before my last Euro cycling adventure for 2014!

Will confirm plans for 2015 following the championships, for now that's the focus :)

Cheers to New World Remuera, Maurice Verkerk, The Athlete Project, Wiggle Honda,
Honda NZ and Rocktape for your support and big thanks to all the messages of support around Com Games time, especially from the kiwis. Very cool!

Also thanks to dhb for having me on board this year as an ambassador for your brand. Was a pleasure. Great people and a top clothing line.

Tacx trainer time in the Tacx studio, Holland earlier in the season.

Ciao for now!

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